Fast, Mobile, On-Site, Leachate Treatment for Landfill Sites


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Osmeo Landfill Leachate
Fast, Leachate Treatment

Leachate produced by solid waste landfill is highly polluted and contains heavy metals, ammonia, phenols, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and residues of plastic decomposition (PFOA - endocrine disruptor). Most of  these contaminants are in dissolved salt form. The volume of solid waste landfill leachate produced is never constant and fluctuates drastically from year to year and depending on rainfall. This is why a conventional biological process cannot be applied; only physical and chemical treatments are flexible enough to treat this type of effluent.

Our compact reverse osmosis unit includes chemical treatment and physical treatment through different stage of filtration. The reverse osmosis system purifies water containing dissolved contaminants using a RO membrane which only lets water molecules pass through.

This innovative technology helps landfill operators avoid leachates contaminating the environment. Osmeo regulates the level of the leachate collection pond level during the wet season and helps clean the leachate collection pond during the dry season.



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Treating leachate on-site avoids the high cost of transportation & disposal 

Quick: Our processing units are mobile and can be controlled remotely for fast installation.

Compact: The whole installation fits inside a dry container, or can be assembled on a skid platform for building integration.

Automated: Fully automated, PLC system constantly adjusts operation to optimise performance, with live troubleshooting

CompatibleSupplied in 2 or 3 filtration stages to meet local water quality regulations

Flexible: Different capacities available depending on your needs, keeping prices competitive. Available to buy or rent.

Efficient: Volume reduction 70% to 90%, Pollution removal > 99,9% for dissolved salts, heavy metal, COD, bacteria, viruses.

OSMEO Has Outperformed the Customer's Expectations

“We continue to promote OSMEO in Brazil. We are in a sensitive area with regard to the environment and we are looking for fast and highly efficient solutions (without compromising our equipment). After testing OSMEO with leachate and making the necessary adjustments to the process, OSMEO has out performed the customer's expectationsWe are very happy with the performance and technology offered by OSMEO since we acquired the first unit and we are now waiting for the second OSMEO unit to be sent to Brazil in a few months.”

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Osmeo Landfill 
Leachate Solutions

Easy to install, mobile leachate treatment unit for landfill operators, reducing the cost of processing and disposing of leachate.

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-Marco A. G. Formicola
Executive Director of ALBRIGGS and AQUAMEC.

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Fast, Mobile, On-Site, 
Leachate Treatment 

for Landfill Sites

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